Sunstone Power Bank Speaker

By Quartz Audio

$ 40 $ 65

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Ingenious and Sturdy. The Sunstone is shock-resistant and offers the handy advantage of being able to share it's battery. Whenever your cellphone is out of juice, you can rely on the Sunstone to give your phone a quick boost.

With its aluminum body and rubber shell, the Sunstone is the ideal companion for a camping trip or any situation where conditions could get rough. Is it also water resistant and has a convenient hook to attach it to your backpack.

The Sunstone's large 5200 mah battery gives it an exceptionally long playtime of 20 hours, and as previously mentioned can fully charge the average cellphone. It is also equipped with a battery level indicator, for easy energy management. 

As with all of our products, the Sunstone speaker comes with our worry-free 24 months warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

*For Canadian residents only.

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